What is Spiritasty?


So, what about Spiritasty?

“Spiritasty is a unique source to find original food recipes that have one thing in common: ALCOHOL.

We searched for all over the web and further, translated, adapted and tested the best recipes with alcohol. And we did it just for you… and a bit for us!” Aurélie


Where does this idea come from?

“Thanks to a friendship between a French woman and a Serbian one, both living in Italy. From the discovery of a fantastic jam (plum, dark chocolate and rum) and a common passion for alcohol and cooking.

We decided to collect tasty and easy recipes, trying to use ingredients easy to find.” Leona


Who can do “Spiritasty”?

Spiritasty is for anyone who is open to new flavours. You won’t find recipes to get drunk, except a few ones for which the alcohol didn’t cook, because in most of them, most of the alcohol burn off to leave only a delicious taste. From a quick pasta to a romantic dinner, from a savory cake to an original appetizer that will amaze all of your friends. Together we revisit some classics such as Tomato Pasta with Vodka, Cream and Mushroom Pasta with gin, Veal Escalopes with Cream and Whisky,… and discover some original recipes: Baileys Cheesecake, Fig and Red Wine Jam, Sauteed Rum Mushrooms, ecc.

If you know a great recipe with alcohol, don’t hesitate to share it with us and we’ll be glad to add it!
spiritasty team

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