Banana rum muffins

Once you realise how easy it is to make muffins, you won’t be able to stop! It usually takes about 10 minutes to prepare and 20 to bake. So you keep experimenting and one day you find yourself making banana muffins because they are a must. And what alcohol goes better with banana than rum? In my opinion: none.

Rum and chocolate cake

Here is another tasty version of the Gin & Lemon Cake recipe: Rum and chocolate cake, with chocolate chips and a touch of cinnamon covered in chocolate and rum ganache. Enjoy!

Orange and Chocolate Liqueur

So after a chocolate liqueur flavoured with vanilla, a spiced chocolate liqueur flavoured with cinnamon, ginger and cloves, here is another super tasty experiment: orange and chocolate liqueur.

Spiced Chocolate liqueur (without milk)

With or without… milk?
After making a chocolate liqueur with milk that tastes like a delicious hot chocolate, I decided to try a spiced chocolate liqueur without milk. The result was quite surprising: a darker color and an intense chocolate flavour enhanced by the mix of spices for a Christmas touch!

Chocolate Liqueur

Homemade chocolate liqueur recipe: a rich milk-based hot chocolate with a vanilla twist. This homemade liqueur is a great present to make or to keep for yourself!

Soft and chewy Halloween cookies with rum

No big decorations here. Just soft and chewy cookies with pumpkin, a few walnuts for a crunchy side, spiced up with a little cinnamon and fresh ginger, flavoured with rum and yes… I couldn’t resist to make faces with chocolate chips, but that’s all! No seriously, if you’re looking for fancy recipes you’re in the wrong…

Chocolate, cranberries and rum cake

Rum and chocolate is a strong and tasty mix, and if you had cranberries (or even cherries) it becomes a perfect combination of sweet, sour and… gourmet! That’s why this chocolate, cranberries and rum cake recipe is so irresistible.

Strawberry, white chocolate and rum jam

We began our Spiritasty adventure with the prune, dark chocolate and rum jam. Now we would like to propose a variant of it with strawberries and white chocolate. Ingredients: 800 g strawberries, washed and finely chopped 5 g citric acid*controllare chela misura sia corretta 1 packet of Dr. Oetker Gelfix Classic 1:1 (jelly) 100 g…

Plum jam with rum and dark chocolate

We started our project Spiritasty with this jam, so it will always be in our hearts…and it is delicious! Here is my grandmother’s recipe: Ingredients: 5 kg prunes 1.5 kg sugar 300 ml rum 300 g dark chocolate If you want to make smaller quantities of jam, use these amounts: 1 kg of prunes; 300…