Banana rum cake (no butter, no oil)

This banana rum cake (no butter, no oil) is made with ricotta cheese which makes it light and perfectly moist. It’s already the second time I make it (so easy and quick), so I suggest you to check out the end of this post for the best tips!

Banana rum muffins

Once you realise how easy it is to make muffins, you won’t be able to stop! It usually takes about 10 minutes to prepare and 20 to bake. So you keep experimenting and one day you find yourself making banana muffins because they are a must. And what alcohol goes better with banana than rum? In my opinion: none.

Rum and chocolate cake

Here is another tasty version of the Gin & Lemon Cake recipe: Rum and chocolate cake, with chocolate chips and a touch of cinnamon covered in chocolate and rum ganache. Enjoy!

Easy ricotta cake with rum (gluten free)

Since time is running out pretty fast with a baby, I will be focusing (more than ever!) on QUICK and EASY recipes, yet delicious is always our goal. So here is one, inspired by a famous Sicilian recipe: a mini ricotta cake with rum…

Jam muffins

Now that you can find our homemade alcoholic jam online, either to buy for yourself or to offer, we   Ingredients (for about 10-12 muffins): 200 g of flour 100 g of sugar 1 spoon of baking powder 75 ml of milk 5 cl of your favourite spirit (preferably the same as the one in…

Chocolate Rum and Strawberry muffins

Chocolate rum and strawberry muffins. This recipe gives a new kick to your traditional chocolate muffin recipe thanks to its strawberry jam heart and the rum flavour. Yummy!

Soft and chewy Halloween cookies with rum

No big decorations here. Just soft and chewy cookies with pumpkin, a few walnuts for a crunchy side, spiced up with a little cinnamon and fresh ginger, flavoured with rum and yes… I couldn’t resist to make faces with chocolate chips, but that’s all! No seriously, if you’re looking for fancy recipes you’re in the wrong…

Piña colada jam

The Piña Colada was my favourite cocktail for many years, and when I used to live in Berlin I was often in a cocktail bar called “Palm Beach” which had sand on the floor – back in 2001 this was very innovative. Since then, almost 15 years ago now, I have rarely drunk cocktails and…

Fluffy rum and apple cake

This recipe is more than a fluffy rum and apple cake, it’s a fluffy cake (yes, it definitely has a perfect consistency), with apple pieces and raisins macerated in rum (that gives that extra kick) and a crispy top that you won’t forget so soon. You see title recipes can be so frustrating but now I…

Chocolate, cranberries and rum cake

Rum and chocolate is a strong and tasty mix, and if you had cranberries (or even cherries) it becomes a perfect combination of sweet, sour and… gourmet! That’s why this chocolate, cranberries and rum cake recipe is so irresistible.

Peach & Rum Tiramisu

Today is about a classic Italian dessert reviewed in a summery-Spiritasty way. A tiramisu with fruits and alcohol! What do you think about a Peach & Rum Tiramisu on a bed of cookies? Mmmm… Let’s do it!